37 Sales Apps Every Rep Needs on Their Phone in 2021

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  1. Slack
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. HubSpot Mobile Card Scanner
  5. Profit Story
  6. vTie
  7. Keynote
  8. Zoom Cloud Meetings
  9. HubSpot Mobile App
  10. Doc Scan
  11. Dropbox
  12. DocuSign
  13. Evernote
  14. Dragon
  15. ClickUp
  16. QuickVoice
  17. Mind Tools
  18. SkillPill
  19. Feedly
  20. Pocket
  21. SmartUp
  22. Pulse Auto Dealer
  23. DealApp Vantage
  24. AutoPoint Driver Connect
  25. Headspace
  26. Time Buddy
  27. Expensify
  28. WhatsApp Messenger
  29. Google Maps
  30. XE Currency
  31. Yelp
  32. TripIt
  33. SpotHero
  34. Uber/Lyft
  35. SalesRabbit
  36. Spotio
  37. MapSee pro

Salespeople are constantly on the go, whether they're meeting with clients, flying out to give a presentation, or running to a team training. With this in mind, mobile access to sales systems aren't just a nice to have -- they're a necessity.

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But besides company software, salespeople can also download productivity, educational, travel, sales tools, and other just plain useful apps for work to optimize their time away from their desks.

Here are some of our favorites.

Best Mobile Apps for Sales Reps

Sales Rep Communication Software

1. Slack

  • Workspace, Free; Standard, $6.67/month/user; Plus, $12.50/month/user
  • iOS | Android

Keep in touch with your colleagues -- or clients -- with this handy chat app.


2. LinkedIn

Don't walk into a meeting without looking at the person's LinkedIn profile first. With the mobile app, there's no excuse.


3. Twitter

Live tweet conferences, and watch your industry followers multiply.


Sales Rep Organizational Software

4. HubSpot Mobile Card Scanner

Salespeople collect a ton of business cards. But what if they leave them at the hotel? Scores of potential prospects lost in one fell swoop. The HubSpot Mobile Card Scanner digitizes cards with a simple photo and automatically saves the information to your phone's contacts.

HubSpot Mobile Card Scanner Sales App


5. Profit Story

Wondering how much the margin will be on a proposed deal? Calculate this along with a slew of other profit-based metrics with Profit Story.


6. vTie

If you're going to wear a suit to a client's office, you should probably pair it with a tie. But ... err ... how does a tie get tied again? With step-by-step visuals, vTie comes to the rescue. By the way, this app isn't just for men -- ladies look pretty sharp in ties, too.


7. Keynote

No need to pull out your laptop to work on your pitch deck. Just download Keynote and unleash your creative artistry.


8. Zoom Cloud Meetings

HD video, meeting encryption, team chat, transcription, and recording. Zoom's app has it all. If you take meetings on the go, you'll want to add this handy app to your mobile device. Download for free and get going.

using Zoom for salespeople

Sales Rep Tracking Software

9. HubSpot Mobile App

Whichever CRM your company uses, get the associated app. You'll be so glad you did when you're not stuck updating the CRM on your computer after a long day of meetings or calls -- just pull out your phone, and add info as you go.

HubSpot CRM user? Download the iOS app here. Don't use a CRM? Get HubSpot CRM -- it's free.


10. Doc Scan

Snap a picture of a document, and get a neatly packaged PDF or JPG in return.


11. Dropbox

  • Standard, $12.50/month/user starting at 3 users; Advanced, $20/month/user starting at 3 users; Enterprise pricing available upon request
  • iOS | Android

Need to send or receive a large file when you don't have a laptop at your disposal? Enter Dropbox's mobile app. Never see a "this file is too large to send" error message from your phone again.


12. DocuSign

When a prospect is ready to commit to a contract, a rep is going to get them to sign, come hell or high water. If your organization uses an eSignature system such as DocuSign, make sure to download the corresponding mobile app to enable prospects to sign wherever, whenever, and however.


Note-Taking Apps for Salespeople

13. Evernote

  • Evernote Basic, Free; Evernote Premium, $7.99/month; Evernote Business, $14.99/month/user
  • iOS | Android

Need to jot notes at a meeting or conference? Evernote has you covered. The mobile app also tags notes by location, so you can easily place a particular memo if you forgot to add a title.


14. Dragon

  • Free trial; $15/month; $150/year; Enterprise pricing available upon request
  • iOS | Android

Not into written notes? Dragon automatically translates voice memos into text. Ditto that for text messages and emails.


15. ClickUp

  • Price: Free Forever, $5/mo. for Unlimited, $9/mo. for Business
  • iOS | Android | Chrome

Keep track of to-do’s, collaborate on tasks, annotate on PDFs with prospects, and much more with this all-in-one productivity platform.

16. QuickVoice

Record the meeting, conference session, or keynote speech to make sure you don't forget what was said and exactly how it was said later on.


Knowledge-Based Apps for Salespeople

17. Mind Tools

Build your business skills with mini-articles on leadership, decision making, and communication, among others.


18. SkillPill

Same idea, but different delivery method: video.


19. Feedly

  • Basic, Free; Pro, $5.41/month; Team, $18/month/user
  • iOS | Android

Traveling is not an excuse to fall behind on your industry news. Subscribe to your favorite blogs on Feedly and peruse them on the go via the RSS reader's mobile app.


20. Pocket

  • Pocket, Free; Pocket Premium Monthly, $4.99/month; Pocket Premium, $44.99/year
  • iOS | Android

Or if you don't have time to read at the moment and want to bookmark an article for later, tuck it away in Pocket and pull it up when you have a chance.


21. SmartUp

  • Starter, $79/month for 25 users, $155/month for 50 users, $225/month for 75 users, $287/month for 100 users; $499/month for up to five communities and 200 users; Enterprise pricing available upon request
  • iOS | Android

Even if you have no entrepreneurial aspirations, salespeople would be wise to study up on business basics. Earn your mini MBA with SmartUp.

smartup-sales-appApps for Car Salespeople

22. Pulse Auto Dealer

Reach your customers 24/7 with this app. Once downloaded, it will automate and personalize communication with your prospects, deepening relationships and fostering new sales.


23. DealApp Vantage

Attract and attain more customers using advanced mobile marketing. The app can be personalized for every dealer, so your app stands out from the rest. Send out push notifications, get your customers to download your app, and more.


24. AutoPoint Driver Connect

Another app for building customer-to-dealer relationships, this one boasts one-of-a-kind, user-friendly functionality, dealer personalization, and a streamlined layout.


Traveling Salespeople Apps

25. Headspace

  • Annual, $7.99/month; Monthly, $12.99/month; Monthly Family Plan, $19.99/month
  • iOS | Android

Traveling is stressful. Make sure you're looking after your mental health with the Headspace app. From meditation to exercises that promote focus, you'll find something that helps you 

relaxation for salespeople

26. Time Buddy

This app makes it easy to schedule meetings in any time zone. Tap to schedule meetings and it'll automatically update timezones for participants. Plus, it overlays with Google calendar to make it even easier to use.


27. Expensify

  • Track, $4.99/month for an individual; Submit, $4.99/month for an individual; Collect, $5/month per user; Control, $9/month per user
  • iOS | Android

From receipt scanning to reimbursements, Expensify's got you covered on the go, so you don't wind up with a suitcase full of receipts to wade through when you get home.


28. WhatsApp Messenger

This free messaging app uses your phone's internet connection to let you send a message and make calls anywhere in the world. It's especially helpful in countries where Facebook and Google are banned.


29. Google Maps

You're probably familiar with this one, but download the app to make sure you never lose track of where you are or where you need to be.


30. XE Currency

Get instant access to live exchange rates and charts, plus monitor your favorite currencies for immediate notification.


31. Yelp

A rep's gotta eat. Use Yelp to find the best restaurants in whatever locale you find yourself in.


32. TripIt

  • Tripit, Free; TripIt Pro, $49/year
  • iOS | Android

Toggling back and forth among flight confirmations, car rental information, and restaurant reservations when you're traveling can be annoying. To make your day that much easier, TripIt synthesizes your various daily confirmations into a centralized itinerary.


33. SpotHero

Never be late for a meeting because you can't find a place to park again. SpotHero enables drivers to search for a spot near their destination and book it in advance of their arrival.


34. Uber/Lyft

If a rental car isn't a part of your business trip, you'll probably need a ride every once in a while. Instead of hailing a taxi, use Uber or Lyft to summon a driver to your exact location. And forget fumbling with cash -- the apps synch with your credit card and automatically charge you upon arrival.


Door-to-Door Sales Apps

35. SalesRabbit

  • The Essentials Bundle, $56/month per user (billed annually); SalesRabbit, $29/month per user (billed annually); DataGrid, $15/month per user (billed annually); Learn, $12/month per user (billed annually); Boost, $1500/month (three-month minimum)
  • iOS | Android

This mobile app is a canvassing CRM with features like territory assignments, team messaging, and lead tracking. Plus, you can connect SalesRabbit to other web services to share your data quickly.


36. Spotio

  • Basic, $25/month/user; Team, $39/month/user; Business, $69/month/user; Enterprise, $129/month/user
  • iOS | Android

Spotio is a field sales software that allows reps to canvas with ease. Features include tracking software, territory management, a sales intelligence tool, leaderboard, and appointment calendar.


37. MapSee pro

  • Individual, $24.99/user/month; Member - Monthly, $16/month/user; Member - Yearly, $200/year/user
  • iOS | Android

This app was made to track door-to-door sales activities. And it allows you to organize your team by neighborhoods and market zones.


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